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Our Mission

Our top priorities at the studio are creating a warm 'village' environment and teaching with the highest educational standard. Our team of instructors are fully certified in-house through Regan Zubak’s 750-hour Pilates Teacher Training Program and are also required to successfully pass The Pilates Method Alliance Certification Exam, and complete mandatory continuing education hours each year in the profession. This three-part training system establishes a common foundation amongst our team and creates a supportive and harmonious studio atmosphere; insures the highest professional standards; requires us to keep abreast on the ever growing information in the field; and most importantly, insures clients receive the best quality experience possible.

Our Team

Regan Zubak

Regan is the owner, operator and master instructor of Village Pilates Studio. She opened VPS in 2005 and loves working with her clients every day, collaborating with the vps staff, leading the Teacher Training Program, and hosting Continuing Education Workshops for students and professionals. And in 2016, she became an ambassador for TripTribe, leading beautiful and inspiring Pilates beach retreats.

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Len Palombi

Len is a classically trained Pilates instructor, qualified on all apparatus. He completed his initial training in 2012, through The Village Pilates Studio in Forest Park, IL, under the direction of Master Instructor Regan Zubak and is certified by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA). Len has also completed the Polestar® Pilates Comprehensive Training Program and holds additional teaching certificates.*

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Krystal Gavras:

Krystal spent the first 18 years of her life being an athlete, mainly a competitive gymnast. In college Krystal began taking Pilates mat classes to fill the gap in her post-competitive gymnastics career and immediately fell in love with it. During her master's program in Sport-Exercise Psychology she began taking classes at VPS and found an appreciation and passion for the classical method. She soon discovered that her love for Pilates went much beyond the physical.

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Julia Cox

Julia Cox (Haptonstahl) has been a practitioner of Pilates since it was introduced to her as a dance student at age 14. She attended Northern Illinois University on scholarship majoring in dance as well as studying anatomy of movement at Columbia College in Chicago. Julia danced professionally in MOMENTA Dance Company in Oak Park, Chicago, Austria, the Art Institute of Chicago and performed fire dancing and fire eating in the Chicago area.

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Catherine Ditto

Cathy completed Regan Zuback’s 750-hour Pilates Teacher Training 2012 after practicing Pilates since 2008. She is currently pursuing a Masters through the Pilates Center in Boulder.

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Annie Velez

Annie has been an avid fitness enthusiast for over 20 years and first tried Pilates at a health club. She was immediately intrigued and shortly after having her children, she pursued its practice further. Consequently, she began to feel longer, leaner and stronger. As a result, the study and practice of Pilates became her next journey in life, which perfectly complements her seasonal bodybuilding competition preparations.

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Michelle Siu

Michelle has been a fitness and outdoor enthusiast all her life. She took her first Pilates class at Village Pilates in 2007 prompted by back problems after childbirth. Not only were her back problems gone in a few weeks, but Pilates turned out to be a whole body workout that makes people’s bodies stronger, leaner and flexible.

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Andrew Cox

Andy’s background is both athletic and creative. His years of playing baseball, weight training, and playing rugby taught him the importance of overall health. He has also been a working musician since the age of 15, and teaches drum lessons outside of the studio. His patient mindset and easy-going attitude are cornerstones of his teaching style. He believes learning is a dynamic process much like movement and that a successful practice stems from executing the basics very well.

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Gretchen Junker

Gretchen came to Village Pilates as a client, searching for a practice that would help with chronic low back pain. She was immediately charmed by the warm and calming studio environment, and was thrilled as her pain rapidly resolved. Gretchen’s movement background is in modern dance and she currently practices the Japanese martial art, Aikido. Parenting three teenagers, caring for the family dogs, and her work in STEM education through the Oak Park Education Foundation in the District 97 elementary schools fills the rest of her time.

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Esther Hunt

Esther Hunt completed a 750 massage training program at Chicago School of Massage Therapy - Cortiva in April of 2010. She then took 6 years to have and raise three children and applied for her massage license in spring of 2016. Since that time, she has completed 19 additional CECs in Craniosacral Therapy, became Level I Reiki certified and has invested considerable time in exploring the mind-body connection and the role that trauma plays in physical pain stored in the body.

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Megan Murphy

Megan grew up a dancer and gymnast with a passion for movement and physical activity. She studied dance and anatomy of movement at Hope College and Columbia College Chicago before receiving a BFA in dance from the University of Illinois. After pursuing a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from The University of Illinois Chicago, Megan taught K-8th grade dance in CPS.

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Rebecca Gleason

Rebecca comes from a movement background, having studied dance in college and having been a competitive gymnast for 10 years. She has been practicing Pilates since 2007, when after years of torturing her body with distance running and high impact exercises, she chose to find a practice with intention and a body positive focus. Rebecca started coming to VPS in Jan of 2014 and after many years of consideration, she finally joined the Teacher Training Program in May of 2016.

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Amanda Jones

Amanda started Pilates after injuring her knee in a half marathon. After a few classes at Village Pilates Studio, she was hooked and soon found herself at the studio almost everyday. She is convinced that if she had been doing Pilates when she was a runner, she would have not gotten injured or at the very least, not injured herself to the extent that required her to stop running permanently.

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Our Space

We expanded our space and moved to Forest Park in 2014, after teaching in neighboring Oak Park for nearly a decade. Our spacious and welcoming studio is located in the old Circle Theater building and we love the exposed brick, original wood floors, high ceilings and natural light. We are located just around the corner to great coffee and tea shops, restaurants, bars and boutiques. Parking is convenient and ample- either directly in front of the studio in metered spots or free on the residential section of the block, along with free street parking on Madison.

When you step into the studio, there is an inviting entry with plenty of storage for your things and a seating area where you can enjoy tea or water. We have two large bathrooms, towels for your use and essential toiletries. Our front desk staff/teachers are always friendly and ready to help with scheduling, class and practice advice, and account questions.

Our studio is outfitted with two large rooms for equipment and mat classes, space for cardio equipment and a separate private lesson room. We have eleven raised mats, eight reformers, eight low chairs, two cadillacs, five pole systems, five spine correctors, one ladder barrel and ped-a-pull, and all of the other Pilates accoutrement. This allows us to have an ample class schedule on all of the various apparatus, while supporting the needs of new clients and those committed to private lessons.

Our studio is sometimes bustling, yet we keep a harmonious vibe. We love the energy of the space, created through beautiful design, helpful and knowledgeable instructors, and friendly clientele. We welcome you to visit us for a tour or a class anytime.


"Before Pilates, I had a lot of pain and tension in my upper and lower back. Nothing would relieve it. I was also out of shape. The back pain and the lack of exercise motivated me to find an activity that would help me be healthy and pain free. I read about the benefits of Pilates and decided that I was going to do just that. I found Village Pilates Studio and never looked back. I feel really good. My back pain is completely gone. To my surprise, I have regained the flexibility that I thought I lost years ago. I am so pleased with my experience here. More than Pilates, it is also the staff that keeps me coming back for more on a daily basis. The staff are so kind and just truly inspiring. They really do individualize the exercise so that each person can get in a good and healthy workout. Thankfully, I live close to this studio but there are many clients that travel from all over Chicago to come here. I believe that in itself says a lot about this magical place. Do yourself a favor and come to Village Pilates Studio. It'll be the greatest decision of your life!"

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"I am 58 years old and have been taking private sessions and classes at Village Pilates since September 2014. People tell me I look terrific. I'm not skinny but I have great posture and am aware of my body. Thanks to Pilates training I have no aches or pains. The classes complement the private sessions and are always supportive even when it is your first one. The instructors are knowledgable and make accomodations based on the level of the student resulting in a positive experience. I have worked with Len Polombi in private sessions during this time. His knowledge of Pilates principles and application is phenomenal. I've learned so much from him."

More Paula Kovarik

"I was a very dedicated Pilates practitioner in the last town I lived in. Then we moved. I missed my Pilates practice but then, I found a Groupon for Village Pilates. Little did I know that I would find so much more in a studio beyond Pilates at a great price. The teachers at Village Pilates are all amazing! I’ve had all of the instructors for the various classes, (mat, equipment, reformer and barre) and each of them possess wonderful qualities that make what they do anything but cookie cutter. Their abilities to tailor the workouts to their students is really quite wonderful. They are each extremely professional and kind. Kindness is BIG. The workouts are challenging and awesome! What I love most about Pilates is that it works absolutely every muscle group. It’s the most “complete” workout I’ve ever done – and it’s the one I’ve stuck with the longest. I know there are people out there who may feel that Pilates is a bit “slow.” But I disagree! The time and precision it takes to do these workouts is extraordinary and worth the time and effort to get it right. I’ve seen better personal results from this type of exercise over anything else I’ve ever done. I’m so pleased with my decision to practice Pilates at Village Pilates. It’s a lovely studio with a very dedicated community of people who are always willing to welcome new people, like me! I’m very grateful to all the instructors who play an instrumental role in our wellness."

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"Julia has been my “go-to” instructor for privates as well as group classes. She has a keen eye for proper form, enabling her to make sure students are moving correctly and getting full advantage from their workout. She’s also in-tune with students’ individual needs. When I was injured, she developed a series of moves to help me regain muscle strength, safely and effectively. I highly recommend her."

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"Thanks to Krystal, I have developed a passion for Pilates. She has a unique ability to inspire movement through her attentiveness and expertise in teaching. Her enthusiasm for teaching has kept me challenged to strive for more everyday. My stress levels have decreased and I feel better both mentally and physically."

More Sarah Sekki

"I started Pilates as a form of PT for osteoarthritis in my knee in 2012. Since then, I've had the opportunity to work with different studios and instructors. All have been good, but the folks at Village Pilates are a cut above. Solid accessible instruction, beautiful studio, and a welcoming environment."

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"VPS.....my secret weapon for perfection, remarkable, wunda ful (low chair). I am able to harness unlimited energy with a total body workout with out embarrassment."

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"I’ve been coming to Village Pilates for over 3 years. Here’s what I love about the studio: Classes are small allowing one to receive individual attention and feedback. Instructors are well educated, motivated and extremely caring and helpful. The studio is well managed and clean. I’ve learned about body parts I never knew I had. Classes here have helped me maintain functionality and flexibility. The personable instructors bring a high level of energy to each class. The workouts are always changing and never boring. The classes are not only a physical challenge but help maintain a positive mental attitude as well. Great sense of community and vitality."

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"Since Regan opened the studio 10 years ago, regularly attending three to five Pilates classes a week at Village Pilates Studio has become an indispensable part of my daily health and exercise regimen. Regan's approach to Pilates as a way to maintain health as well as fitness is complemented by her talent in creating a wonderfully supportive, encouraging, mentally stimulating exercise environment. The instructors are extraordinarily well-trained and careful, always looking out for your best interest, providing a boost when needed. The exercises, from the basic to the advanced level, have been absolutely instrumental in maintaining and improving my body's balance, flexibility and strength. At my age (72) every doctor asks about falls, and I tell each one of them that, thanks to Pilates, I have not experienced a single fall. In short: I simply cannot do without Pilates as practiced at the Village Pilates Studio, if I want to remain mentally active and engaged in the world around me. Pilates for me will be a lifelong pursuit."

More Elisabeth M

"I began my Pilates journey by calling Regan and asking her if age 60 was too late to begin learning Pilates, she chuckled and assured me that it was not too late to start. What Regan didn't know was that I had previously called another studio and they suggested that I join a group that was focused on stretching. Regan's words were welcome and I began Pilates about five years ago, meeting with Len, who has been my instructor since that time. Before I started Pilates I had already had back surgery and last year a hip replacement. Len's dedication to helping me prepare for the surgery and his work with me to rebuild strength in my hip has been inspiring. Len is passionate about the practice of Pilates, and he continues to enrich his learning, which he then incorporates into his teaching. He is patient, kind and humorous; working to help students understand the principles of Pilates, as well as, the movements. Through Pilates I've been able to build overall strength, gain flexibility, and a consciousness about how my body moves. Kudos to Village Pilates, and the founder, Regan. She has built a first-class facility with first class instructors and the students are the beneficiaries."

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"I love Village Pilates Studio-a beautiful space and Regan (the owner) is warm and very communicative with all her patrons. One teacher in particular shines here. Krystal is a very gifted teacher, whose classes both exhaust and invigorate you. She is observant, patient, and knowledgeable. I have taken both private and group lessons from her, and she has a talent for creating workouts that challenge you both physically and mentally. I always look forward to my next class (even while I'm whining about how hard the last one was!)"

More Audrey Stone

"The Pilates method is helpful for many levels of fitness. What's great is that Village Pilates Studio will pay attention to each client’s specific needs. This also makes their teacher training program unique, because it takes the client-centered approach to Pilates while providing comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and movement."

More Andy Cox

"Practicing Pilates can be very challenging and rewarding! Being in the teacher training program has been a very rewarding experience and Regan, who I consider to be my mentor, takes Pilates to a whole different level in the way that she teaches."

More Walter S.