The most personalized and effective way to approach the method and to address your own unique needs. Use as an introduction into Pilates as well as a periodic tune-up or a chance to delve further towards your health ideal.

Duet or Semi-Private

Bring a pal or a few. This class is designed specifically for your group, designed around the needs and desires of the participants. You will be able to workout and stretch on your choice of equipment and we schedule the lesson around your availability. This is also a great format for group parties for girl’s nights out, bridal parties, and a couple’s date.

Mat Class

The most user-friendly format to begin working on breath, control, coordination, flow, and core awareness. Mat work, the culmination and root of the method, is a great compliment to the equipment classes and we recommend taking at least one mat class per week. Your instructor will create an open and non-competitive group atmosphere in which you can thrive. Limited to 12 participants.

Reformer Class

This basic, yet genius, resistance training machine is essential to the Pilates Method. Joe named this apparatus the Universal Reformer, since he believed and knew it reformed the body universally, building whole body strength and flexibility. Limited to 8 participants.

Pole (Cadillac) Class

Ease into sensational and full movement potential with the support of spring tension. A pole class will instill a sense of connection and length within the body, creating a dynamic link between the responsiveness of your core to the sculpting of your limbs. The Cadillac and Pole System are also the favorite apparatus for those who love to stretch. Limited to 7 participants.

Low Chair Class

A powerful and versatile apparatus, the low chair is a perfect challenge for upright balance, finesse, and control. Find the dynamic lift that the wunda chair was intended to bring you. You will tone your upper and lower body through vital abdominal and core engagements. Full body, tough- mentally and physically- and fun! Limited to 8 participants.

Around the World

The most well-rounded class, working on all the apparatus! A fun way to mix up your Pilates routine. Limited to 7 participants.

Barre Class

This workout combines the muscle-shaping benefits of barre work and posture-enhancing principles of Pilates with the fat-burning format of interval training that results in sculpted, yet elongated muscles, improved posture, and provides a vigorous springboard for your other Pilates classes.

Restorative Pilates Mat

This mat class will incorporate breathing, gentle stretching, Pilates and Pilates-based exercises at a more relaxed pace to provide a restorative workout. Props and modifications will be used to accommodate physical limitations and make the exercises accessible. This class is ideal for older adults looking for a beneficial but lower intensity workout as well as students looking to recover between high intensity workouts or gaining strength after an injury.


This is unorthodox Pilates! There will be music; we will sweat with higher reps, isolated movements, cardio on the jumpboard, and quintessential bootcamp moves like squats and mountain climbers; and shake in all the right places.


Beginning / Restorative

Here we begin the fundamentals- breath, activation of core muscles, stability vs. mobility, posture and alignment. This level is suited for someone who is new to Pilates or recovering from injury and seeking to restore strength/relieve pain.

Beginning / Intermediate

Use your foundation of knowledge to begin moving at a rhythmic pace. Further develop your control, concentration and precision. Once this level is mastered, one is able to activate their core muscles and initiate breath correctly.

Intermediate / Advanced

The experienced student embarks on greater coordination, endurance, and uniform development. Tempo is increased as the exercises are executed with increased complexity, vigor, and depth. Here, there is a growing need for full body usage and awareness.


Who said Pilates isn't cardiovascular? Tempo, control and precision peak. Thorough body awareness and Pilates experience is necessary to ensure such intensity and range of motion are met with appropriate strength and proper technique.

Pricing Specials

First Time Clients

First Month Unlimited


Unlimited mat and barre classes for 31 days. Take 2 introductory private lessons so you can add equipment classes into your routine as well.

Two Introductory Private Lessons


Pre-requisite for entry into group equipment classes. The ideal way to begin your Pilates experience.

Monthly Unlimited

One Month Unlimited Mat and Barre


Unlimited mat and barre classes for 31 days

One Month Unlimited


Full unlimited, including group equipment, mat, and barre classes for 31 days!

$1550 6 months
$3025 1 year

Combination Packages

5 and 5 Combo


5 Mat and 5 Equipment classes

Complete Combo


4 Private 4 Equipment and 4 Mat classes

Studio Pack


Includes 10 mat and 10 equipment classes.


Class Length Single 10 Pack 20 Pack SortField
Private Lesson with Master* Instructor 55 min $75 $700 $1350 01
Private Lesson with Senior* Instructor 55 min $70 $650 $1250 03
Private Lesson with Graduate* Instructor 55 min $65 $600 $1150 04
Private Lesson with Student* Instructor 55 min $45 $400 $750 05
Duet Lesson 55 min $45 $420 $800 06
Semi Private Lesson 55 min $35 $320 $600 07
Equipment Class 55 min $30 $270 $600 08
Mat and Barre Classes 55 min $18 $150 $280 09
  • Master Regan Zubak (Master's in Pilates from The Pilates Center in Boulder, PMA Certified with over 14 years experience, Approved CEC Provider)
  • Senior Len Palombi, Catherine Ditto, Annie Velez, Julia Haptonstahl, Krystal Gavras, Jaime Bell (Village Pilates Studio 750 hour Certified Instructor with over 5 years experience, PMA Certified, plus varying personal credentials)
  • VPS Certified Michelle Siu, Andrew Cox, Gretchen Junker, Beata Bokuvka, Sharman Galezewski (Village Pilates Studio 750 hour Certified Instructor with more than 1.5 years experience, PMA Certified, or currently preparing for exam)
  • Student Rebecca Gleason, Amanda Jones, Megan Murphy, Esther Hunt (Currently in our 750 hour Teacher Training Program)