An exceptional opportunity to further your understanding of the Pilates method. Village Pilates Studio hosts weekend workshops that emphasize technique, philosophy, and practical learning in various aspects of the Pilates method. The newcomer and beginning student can use the workshops as a chance to dive into the method while the experienced student or teacher can refine their skills and knowledge as they continue to journey through their practice.

11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Join me for this PMA CEC approved workshop, for professionals and serious students, with an intermediate level or higher understanding of the Pilates repertoire.
How must our teaching change as we move across the Pilates landscape, as we teach clients with different experience and skill levels? First, we need to adjust and perhaps elevate our expectations and goals. Secondly, we need to learn how to appropriately use our cues, tempo, and understanding of the spring tension and equipment options to get the best results. To be a successful teacher, we need to fulfill our client's needs and clearly see movement and skill improvement. This workshop will give you the tools to navigate across this skill level highway and feel confident teaching the most beginning client to our most advanced.
11:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Join us as we breakdown each exercise in the Classical Low Chair series, with demonstrations, explanation and time to practice. Everyone is welcome - clients, trainees and professionals.