Teacher Training Program


Founded in 2005, Village Pilates Studio Teacher Training Program is among the most comprehensive and intensive programs of its kind in the world. It is designed with the most rigorous standards, requiring 750 hours of study and covering the complete classical repertoire of exercises on all apparatus. The hours of study are completed through the internship experience, the lecture series, and the anatomy and skills symposiums, which are detailed below in the highlighted categories.

A certificate is awarded to those who complete required hours, including reading assignments and self-guided study, as well as pass written, performance and teaching exams. The program must be completed within 18 months of enrollment.


(750 hours)

The Internship is the heart of the Program. It allows the student time to apply their growing knowledge of the Method and to develop their communication skills while being supervised. The Internship is an opportunity for hands-on work, practice teaching and observations. Here, the student will experience their own body progressing through personal workouts and instructed lessons as well as learning how to share this journey with others. A journal of internship hours will be kept and a three-month case study defended.

Details of Internship requirements (750 hours):

  • 200 Pilates lessons, including a healthy combination of group classes and privates (10 private lessons come with program tuition, more may have to be purchased if need be with 10% trainee/staff discount)
  • 100 Personal workouts, practicing independently
  • 150 Observation hours, including group lessons and private lessons
  • 100 Teaching hours, both practice and professional
  • 146 Miscellaneous hours (to allow customization of program; these hours can be extracurricular workshops, extra observations, teachings, personal workouts and/or lessons)
  • 6 Formal Lecture Workshops (30 hours)
  • Attending 6 Symposiums and completeing the respective readings for each. (24 hours)
  • Complete case study teaching and report

Internship also includes these benefits:

  • 10 private lessons at VPS
  • Unlimited group classes for one year. The last six months of the program, you get unlimited group classes when space is available (no advanced reservations)
  • Use of studio for personal workouts
  • Use of studio for practice teaching (train friends and family for free)
  • One complete Lecture and Symposium Series. Other (unrequired) studio workshops must be paid for (with 10% trainee/staff discount)
  • Access to video/book library
  • 10% trainee/staff discount while in the program and if employed by VPS after graduation

Program Completion Requirements:

  • Completion of 750 Internship Hours
  • Passing The Following Mock Classes:
    • Mock Tower Class
    • Mock Low Chair Class
    • Mock Mat Class (*either level I or level II, your choice of which one is advanced)
    • Mock Reformer Class (*either level I or level II, your choice of which one is advanced)
    • Mock Private Lesson on Barrels, Acrobatics, Foot Corrector or Bean Bag
  • Passing Memorization Anatomy Test
  • Passing Memoration Mat Order Test
  • Take Home Exam on Contraindications
  • Take Home Exam on History and Philosophy
  • Completion of Personal Pilates journal/binder, including observation notes, logging independent workouts and anatomy and workshop notes
  • Final Performance of the Advanced Reformer series
  • Program costs $6000. Tuition is paid for in six $1,000 installments.
  • Entire Program must be completed within 18 months of your start date, so must be able to commit approximately 10 hours per week

Advanced Teacher Training Program

(140 hours)

Requirements of Advanced Teacher Training Program (140 hours):

  • 20 observation hours
  • 30 group classes and 10 private lesson hours
  • 18 hours of trainee choice workshops, round robins, and partnered teaching
  • 10 opportunities
  • Attend 16 hours of your choice of CEC’s
  • Attend all 6 Formal Lecture Workshops (30 hours)
  • Attend and complete the Readings for all 6 Symposiums (24 hours)

Program Completion Requirements:

  • Pass mock Advanced Mat class
  • Pass Themed class of choice
  • Complete Final Essay Paper on your growing skills and philosophy
  • Complete Take Home Exam on History, Philosophy, exercises, contraindications, and anatomy
  • Completion of personal Pilates journal/binder: observation notes, anatomy and workshop notes
  • Final Performance #1: the Advanced Mat series
  • Final Performance #2: the Advanced Reformer Series

Lecture Series, Anatomy and Skills Symposiums

(60 hours)

The Lecture Series consists of six, 6-hour workshops (Sundays 12-6PM) which cover all apparatus (the Reformer, Low Chair, Cadillac, Barrels, Auxiliary Equipment and Mat) and all levels of difficulty. Students learn the technique and skills of each exercise, modifications and progressions, and verbal and hands on cuing. These weekend workshops make up 36 hours of the Program.

Anatomy and Skills Symposiums are mini anatomy and movement lessons, covering the material in the required readings and its application to movement. This is also an opportunity to voice concerns, ask questions and discuss specific exercises and concepts. Symposiums are held every other month on Sundays from 12-2PM for 2 hours and make up 24 hours of Program (2 hours in attendance and approximately 2 hours towards readings).


The Program welcomes the focused, organized and impassioned student, developing all the skills necessary to be a safe, effective and inspiring practitioner and instructor. To enroll, prospective students must have at least 25 Pilates classes at VPS, be able to commit to the parameters of the program and be able to complete the program in 18 months (approximately 10 hours per week).